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CareerOwl Book Review
by Joanne Ing

The Riley Guide- Employment Opportunities and Job Resources On the Internet
Margaret F. Dikel

Are you seeking career advice in all the right places? The Riley Guide is a free, online directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet. Frequently updated, this extensive wealth of information will show you how to use the Internet in your job search to your best advantage.

The Riley Guide does not post job announcements or resumes and does not participate in advertising, affiliations or partnerships; all information contained on the site is independent and free from bias. Instead, the site concentrates on an impressive array of legitimate information from a variety of credible sources, to provide a complete solution to online job preparation.

Uncluttered and systematically ordered, the site forgoes graphics and complicated design for simple paragraphs and straightforward pages. The comprehensive site covers all aspects of the job search, from preliminary skills inventories, to preparing resumes and cover letters, and networking and interviewing pointers.

After studying the "Preparation" section, you will be adept at assessing your own skills and strengths; understand your education and training options. The "Resumes and Cover Letters" area will have you proficient at accurately and dynamically advertising your talents on paper, as well as provide guidance on preparing online resumes, and scannable resumes. This section also directs you toward free databases where you can post your new resume. In the "Research" section, you will get a head start on discerning industry and business trends, which will aid you in both finding a profitable area to work in, and to impress employers with your up-to-date knowledge.

Additionally, the guide lists many resources directed toward job seekers, such as government salary surveys, telephone directories and maps for businesses in North America, site addresses for stock market and financial information, and suggestions for internships and apprenticeships for further experience. Due to the depth and breadth of information presented, the alphabetic index is very convenient. However, the site does not offer a search bar.

The Riley Guide boasts plethora of online links, both a benefit and a drawback, as the sheer volume of material may overwhelm some users. For a quick look at a few resources offered, some of the most promising of the reviewed links are mentioned here.

Preparing for a Job Search

1) CareerKey: A no charge self-assessment tool for career guidance

2) Keirsey's Temperament Sorter: An online survey for understanding personality

Resumes and Cover Letters

1) How To Write A Masterpiece Resume: The whys and hows of resume writing

2) The Internet Ready Resume: Step-by-step advice by the author of the Riley Guide

Targeting and Research

1) Best Companies To Work For in 2003: From Forbes magazine

2) The Fortune 500: Company profiles of the 1000 largest firms

Networking, Interviewing and Negotiating

1) The Vault: Interview advice, salary information

2) WetFeet: An insider's guide to the industry

The well-organized Riley Guide has ample information to keep one reading for many days. Among the guide's significant advantages is that the resource is free and available at all times. If you are a seasoned computer user who has no difficulties navigating the web, consider make the consummate Riley Guide your gateway for online job search skills.

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