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CareerOwl Book Review
by Joanne Ing

Best Answers To The 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions
2002 Edition
Matthew J. DeLuca
182 pages

The job interview is the most crucial, yet the most difficult to prepare part of the job search. Are you responding to interview questions with the necessary polish and persuasiveness that earns the position? Best Answers To The 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions is a book that will alleviative your interview dread, lending composure and confidence to all your job interview sessions.

Best Answers To The 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions thoroughly prepares job seekers for all aspects of the job interview. The text covers everything from effective communication and body language tips, to how to read the interviewer's personality and mood, handling small talk with assertiveness and setting a tone of goodwill, and how to end the interview on a positive, memorable note.

The text outlines over 200 of the most commonly asked questions at job interviews. Discover how to respond confidently to awkward inquiries, such as describing a situation where your work was criticized, why you are leaving your current position, or being asked to relate your weak points. Learn how to concisely and compellingly reply to open ended topics, such as "Tell me about yourself," "Describe your long term goals," and "How do you define success?". Become aware of illegal questions that may be brought up at your interview, including questioning into country of origin, marital status, religion, or disabilities.

Best Answers To The 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions stresses personal reflection into the job seeker's own interests and research into the company and industry. The author encourages study and preparation of the most important interview questions, which are fittingly marked by a star in the book. Encounter questions such as "What were your most significant achievements at your last position?" "What is your overall impression with this organization?" "What trends do you see in our industry?" and "Do you have any questions?" with poise at your next interview.

In addition, the book provides insight into the different kinds of interviews that exist (such as screening, situational or behavioral, team or psychological interviews). Handle an interview with aplomb despite a negative interviewer, incompetent interviewer, or distracted interviewer. Regardless of the competition or the toughest interviewer, this guide puts you on the path to better interviews, diminished interview stress, and higher satisfaction with your job search.

You can find this book here, at Amazon.

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