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Four Bits of Brotherly Advice
copyright © by Kevin Donlin

Want a better one job?

Here's the same advice I'd give my own brother. Actually, I did give this advice to my brother. And two weeks ago, he got a better job at a higher salary.

Kevin Donlin
Kevin Donlin

I told him four things...

1) Your resume is about your FUTURE, not your PAST
Take a good look at your resume. Does it read like an obituary? Is it a dry recitation of past duties and responsibilities ... and not much else? If so, your job search is taking longer than it should.

To stand out, you must paint a clear picture of what you can do for employers. So, write a resume that emphasizes the 2-3 most valuable skills you'll bring to the job. Then include specific achievements to prove those skills.

2) WHO you know can mean as much as WHAT you know You'll be hired by a person, not a computer or a Web site.
My brother met the recruiter who placed him via an introduction from a woman he worked with five years ago. Word reached her through friends that he was in the job market.

Lesson? The more people who know about your job search, the more help you'll get.

3) Every NO puts you closer to the one YES you need
Despite being the top sales rep in his region and eminently qualified for a number of positions, my brother didn't find work the first week or even the first month of his search. But he persisted until he was hired for a job that's a perfect match.

If a job is worth having, you'll have competition for it. Which means you can expect to hear "No" any number of times before the final "Yes" that comes with a job offer.

4) Say "Thanks!"
My brother sent a short thank-you letter to every interviewer, to reinforce the good things they had talked about. I'm convinced his thank-you notes helped land his dream job.

This is a no-brainer that's STILL ignored by some people. It's easy, it's polite and it pays off. Send a thank-you note after every interview!

There you have it. The same advice I'd give you if you were my kid brother. These four pointers worked for him, as they have for legions of others.

Best of luck to you! And Happy Holidays!

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Kevin Donlin is Managing Editor of 1 Day Resumes. The 1DR writers provide same-day, one-on-one resume writing assistance. He is also author of "Resume and Cover Letter Secrets Revealed," a do-it-yourself manual that will help you find a job in 30 days ... or your money back. For more information, click here.

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