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How to Use Temp Agencies to Get the Job You Want
copyright © by Kevin Donlin

Kevin Donlin, Managing Editor of 1 Day Resumes.

Ever considered temporary work? For many job seekers, it's the pathway to a full-time position with a dream employer.

And it may be easier than you think.

According to Chad Deckard, CEO of, an Internet marketing consulting firm, you can use temp agencies to uncover good jobs with top companies. He should know.

To give you the inside scoop, I tracked down a veteran job seeker and an employment expert for their views.

He first arrived in Atlanta, Ga., with no local contacts or job prospects, and went on to get hired for full-time positions at CNN, the advertising firm BBDO, and Time-Warner. All by using local temp agencies, with a twist that can work in any city, in any economy.

Here's what he did.

"After I arrived in town, I pulled out the Yellow Pages and started calling temporary employment agencies. I asked them: 'Who are your biggest clients?' With that knowledge, I was able to pick the right agencies to get me into the companies I wanted to work for," says Deckard.

Of course, he didn't strike gold right away. He first had to take on three short-term assignments with companies he didn't care for. But because he completed every task with enthusiasm, he built up a record as a conscientious, hard-working employee. This led to his big break.

And how did he turn a temp assignment at CNN into a permanent position? He did something unusual. He asked!

"I did the obvious things, like showing up on time every day and doing everything that was asked of me. On top of that, I studied the company, its products/services, market, competitors -- everything -- thoroughly, until I knew more than most permanent employees. Then I just asked my supervisor for a full-time position. She hired me," says Deckard.

He also turned a temp job into permanent work as an Advertising Rep at Time-Warner. "After building a solid track record, I called the same temp agency and asked them to place me directly at Time-Warner," says Deckard.

By doing good work and having the right attitude, he was able to turn that temp assignment into another full-time job, again, by asking his supervisor.

Chad's experience dovetails nicely with advice given by Bob Picha, founder of San-Diego-based Ideas At Work, a company dedicated to the release of human potential in individuals and organizations.

"Many savvy employers use temporary agencies as a screening device. It's a chance to put temp workers through a trial period. And, if the employee is talented enough, a job can be created just for him or her," says Picha.

Temporary agencies are all around you, too.

In addition to your Yellow Pages, you can visit, search for "temporary employment," and you'll find a huge number of temp agency listings. You can refine your search by adding terms to locate agencies by city/state, industry, etc.

So, with a little hard work and the right attitude, you can turn a temp agency into your own personal headhunter, at no cost.

Best of luck to you!

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