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I’ve had a dozen interviews – but zero offers[  07  Nov 2014]

I am currently applying for accounting positions. I have had plenty of calls for interviews based on my résumé – 10 to 12 in the past month alone – but I can never get past the interview stage to land an offer. - Globe and Mail

7 tips to ace a phone interview[  18  Feb 2014]

You have probably replied to many job postings without hearing anything back. Then, you finally get a call that begins like this: "Thank you for your interest in our company. Your résumé is impressive. Can we schedule an initial phone interview this week?" - U.S.News & World Report LP

Wanted: high wage jobs[  10  Jan 2014]

Four years into America's economic recovery, the biggest gains in job growth continue to come from low-wage sectors such as retail and food service, while jobs in higher-paying sectors such as health care and information remain scarce. -

It's not your résumé that gets you hired[  24  Oct 2013]

Creating a résumé is not the best way to start a job search. In fact, your résumé is a very small part of your job search. -

Should you apply for a job you're unqualified for?[  26  Jul 2013]

But if months pass without a bite on your résumé, it might be time to consider jobs beyond your scope of experience and education. Here are some pros and cons of applying for openings above your pay grade.. -

University education on the rise, but college grads enjoy better ...[  26  Jun 2013]

When it comes to getting work, having a master’s degree doesn’t appear to provide employment seekers with any sort of edge, according to new data from Statistics Canada... - Vancouver Sun

7 tips for casting away interview jitters[  6  Jun 2013]

Recognizing and acknowledging your anxieties is the first step to dealing with them and paving the way for your success. -

6 things hiring manager think but don't say[  30  May 2013]

Here are six things that an human resources manager might be thinking, and how you can present your best self in an interview. -

10 of the best jobs for the future[  5  Apr 2013]

Finally, we took into account the level of education typically required to land a job. While higher degrees can lead to higher salaries, some fields offer good pay and plenty of openings to those with less schooling. Take a look at 10 hot jobs of tomorrow. -

6 Tips for Dealing With a Passive Boss[  19  Mar 2013]

Passivity and boss aren't two words normally equated with one another. After all, a boss is generally associated with authority, someone presumed to be clear and confident in handing out orders. But that's not always the case. -

5 interview questions you should always prepare to answer[  12  Mar 2013]

Some questions get asked so frequently that you'd be foolish not to prepare answers for them in advance. Here are five of the questions that you'll most likely be asked. - USNEWS.COM

The 100 Best Jobs.[  06  Mar 2013]

All jobs aren't created equal. In fact, some are simply better than the rest. U.S. News 100 Best Jobs of 2013 are the occupations that offer a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance, and job security.. - USNEWS.COM

How to Not Get Fooled in the Interview?[  28  Feb 2013]

Have you ever walked out of an interview thinking, "Wow! This job almost sounds too good to be true!". - USNEWS.COM

Master the 5 toughest interview questions[  21  Feb 2013]

You have no idea what sort of interview style this hiring manager will prefer--behavioral? Situational? A mix? Here are five tough interview questions that frequently trip up job candidates, straight from hiring managers:. - US News/

Are You a Job Hopper?[  06  Feb 2013]

Today, most people move around to multiple companies over the course of their careers. However, it's possible to change jobs too frequently and get tagged with the "job hopper" label - which can make you look like a poor prospect to future employers. - US News/

How to Respond to Job Rejection--And Even Make It Work For You[  30  Jan 2013]

Getting rejected for a job you really wanted is one of the worst parts of job searching. But if you handle the rejection well, you can get something useful out of the disappointment. - US News/

6 Resume Red Flags You Can Avoid[  22  Jan 2013]

In the resume game, the people who "own it" are the recruiters, sources, and HR staffers whose business it is to parse hundreds of resumes each week. They can put your resume into the larger context in a matter of seconds. Their job is to constantly be on the lookout for any disqualifying factor. - US News/

6 Career Myths You Shouldn't Fall For [  7  Jan 2013]

You've probably heard the same bits of career advice tossed around over and over from well-meaning friends, relatives, and even bosses. But plenty of the maxims that we hear repeated actually aren't true. Here are six of the most popular career myths that you shouldn't fall for.-

Power Up Your Resume for the New Year?[  2  Jan 2013]

The new year is at hand. With holiday parties over, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and execute your resolution to move your career to the next level. -

10 Ways to Botch Your Job Interview[ 30  Nov 2012]

Now, you've been invited into that all-important job interview. To succeed, there are several things you should always do, but perhaps more importantly, there are also things you should avoid at all costs. - Yahoo

I'm new to Canada. How do I crack the job market?[14 Oct 2012]

I am an immigrant to Canada, with a sociology degree and two diplomas. ... in the guise of job promotions where they ask for my résumé and when they observe ... - Globe and Mail

Job Search Mistakes: How to Avoid them[ 8  Aug 2012]

Randstad Canada gives job seekers tips to avoid common job search mistakes and land the job that is the perfect fit for them. - PR Newswire

5 things you're doing to hurt your career[30 Jul 2012]

There are times in our lives when we feel like things happen to us. But the reality is we happen to those things. - Yahoo

Career advice: Explaining those resume gaps[5 Jul 2012]

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Bill Brown, vice-president and CIO of Avid Technology Inc., answers questions about job boredom, resume gaps and job networking. - IT World

7 signs you bombed your interview[29 Jun 2012]

You arrived dressed in your best suit, tackled every question, and think that you made an excellent impression overall. But you still didn't get the job. - Yahoo

10 cardinal sins of networking[7 June 2012]

When you're reaching out to your network to help you find a job, the last thing you want to do is annoy your contacts. Before you make that next call or send that next email, make sure you're not committing any of these 10 cardinal sins of networking: - Yahoo

How to juggle multiple job offers[21 May 2012]

A job offer is usually welcome news--unless it comes while you're waiting to hear about a different job you really want with a different employer. - Yahoo

7 Deadly Interview Sins[16 May 2012]

Having trouble getting job offers? You might be committing one of these seven deadly interview sins. - Yahoo

Jobs market strengthens, but who’s losing? Your kids[14 May 2012]

Canada’s jobs market has created 213,800 positions over the past year, with virtually all of the growth in full-time positions and none in part-time work. - Globe and Mail

Canadians confident in their job security, but less satisfied: survey[14 May 2012]

The survey conducted by Harris-Decima Research on behalf of Ceridian Canada suggests there are significantly more workers than last year who believe they will not be getting a pay boost, bonus or promotion in the next year. - The Canadian Press

Canada’s job growth soars above forecasts[11 May 2012]

Statistics Canada said Friday that while 58,200 more people found jobs last month, the unemployment rate edged up to 7.3% from 7.2% in March as others entered the labour market in search of work. - Financialpost

Canada Job Market Exhibits Enormous Disparities, People Patterns Report Says[9 May 2012]

Canada’s youth are still struggling with a recession, even as the country’s job picture is improving, says a new study. -

The Top 8 Internship Blunders[9 May 2012]

Internships are a learning experience, but that doesn't mean you should expect a lot of hand-holding. The truth is, you will only get out of this experience as much as you put into it. - Yahoo

Canada-wide building boom leaves labour pool dry 'A perfect storm'[9 May 2012]

Economists for the Construction Sector Council predict that Canada will create 111,000 new construction jobs by 2019, while 208,000 workers will retire, creating "unprecedented demand" on the labour workforce, says the president of the national construction association. - FINANCIAL POST(

How To Get A Job If You’re Overqualified[8 May 2012]

When we think of high-stress jobs, there are many professions that come to mind. Teachers, police officers, high-level executives and stock traders are just a few. However, when it comes to jobs with the highest stress levels and the lowest rates of pay, it may seem unbelievable that anyone would want to pursue careers in these jobs that top the list. - Yahoo

American Workers Being Sourced for Canadian Jobs [7 May 2012]

Canadian project management & industrial recruitment agencies are looking South of the border to fill requirements for upcoming industrial job sites across Canada. - Yahoo

10 Stressful Jobs With Low Pay [4 May 2012]

When we think of high-stress jobs, there are many professions that come to mind. Teachers, police officers, high-level executives and stock traders are just a few. However, when it comes to jobs with the highest stress levels and the lowest rates of pay, it may seem unbelievable that anyone would want to pursue careers in these jobs that top the list. - Yahoo

Why You Shouldn't Take a Counteroffer [16 April 2012]

Trying to leverage another company's offer against your current one will come off as blackmail to your employer. It doesn't reflect a strong sense of commitment or loyalty. In conclusion: "If you want a raise, then negotiate it on your own merits—or prepare to move on." *On the other hand, do pit companies against each other when buying moving services or appliances when moving for a job. - US News

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways, and Also Ace That Interview [16 April 2012]

Simple. In an interview, represent yourself as strong, outgoing, and in control. This doesn't mean boasting about former accomplishments, but rather not shying away from taking responsibility for your excellent skills and achievements. - Science Daily

Apply for a Tech Position That Doesn't Exist [16 April 2012]

The importance of this article lays less with finding a hidden job market, and more with finding companies you want to work for, and pitching a position they don't currently have. Some of the newer tech savvy positions coming into the field include: Social Media Manager, Interface Scripter (flash, html5), and Cloud Administrator. These could obviously be positions within themselves, but you can also pitch these to your current employer to expand your responsibilities and make yourself more valuable to the company. - Wired

6 Crucial Job Searching Steps Most People Skip [16 April 2012]

This article touches on keeping on online job searching profile (in this case on linkedin) up to date with a current photo and work experience history. - Wise Bread

What Do I Do When My Employer Wants to Be Too Social? [16 April 2012]

Potential Employer Asking to be Facebook Friends?

"[T]hey should understand that you try to keep your work life and your personal life a little separate, but either way the situation calls for a little tact."

"respond by letting them know that your Facebook profile is for friends and personal acquaintances, and LinkedIn is for professional networking" - Life Hacker

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